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Dear Friends,

Here is a quick update to let you know what we are doing on the reservations.   Our friends on the Navajo Reservation have been in need of plumbing and clean water.  Over 51% of the homes, which is about 29,100, are in need of plumbing. These people have to haul water from miles away over bumpy roads and dirt and the hot sun.  AICF has provided 55-gallon barrels to our friends so they can have clean water to drink, bathe, and clean their clothes and dishes in.




Our friends can now have clean water to use for their daily activities!

Friends, I cannot stress enough how much our Indian friends are in need.  Here is what Indians on the Reservation have to deal with on a daily basis:

bulletUnemployment stays around 50% on most reservations; rising as high as 90% in some areas.
bulletAmerican Indians have the lowest life expectancy of any population in this hemisphere, with the exception of the Haitians.
bulletSuicides are 70% higher on the Reservations than the rest of the United States, accounting for 17% of all deaths.
bullet51% of the homes on the Navajo Reservation lack complete plumbing.
bulletThe primary heat source is wood for 54% of the Navajos.
bullet77% of the Navajos do not have telephones.

Lanterns provide most of the light for children to do homework.  Families cook in an open fire and wash dishes and clothes with water from miles away.

American Indian Children's Fund, with your help, distributes water containers, food, clothes, and other necessities to our Indian friends and children.  Help us to improve the quality of life for our friends.


Blessed Cloud

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