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Standing Rock Reservation:  North Dakota

We have been supporting this program for almost 2 decades.  Ongoing support is made to our project at Cannonball, North Dakota, where Rev. Buford "Boot" Marsh is the  director.  Ongoing spiritual education, feeding and clothing for the Indian children is being conducted at the project.  Fifty to one hundred Indian children are receiving assistance in this area.


Here are pictures of the children opening presents they received.


The new church in Standing Rock is 3 times the size of the old one, with 4 classrooms, and a kitchen!  Volunteers and donations have made it possible to hold big events and provide toys for children at Christmas and provide them with continuing education in a nice facility.

Navajo Indian Reservation:

  Arizona, Utah, New Mexico

For over 2 decades, at the Navajo Reservation, ongoing food and clothing support has been given to projects like this one.  Spiritual education, feeding and clothing distribution is also conducted at these projects.


At Christmas time, bicycles were given to the children, along with food and clothing. 


Red Rock Wesley Church: Arizona

Pastor Darwin Tsosie and his wife, Ann, support and minister to the Native Americas in northeastern Arizona, specifically in the Jeddito area of the Navajo Reservation.  Gifts, spiritual education, and clothing are conducted at this project.


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