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North America:  Mexico

For over 2 decades AICF has been working and networking with projects in Mexico. Ongoing support and shipments of food, clothing and medical supplies are made to 20 plus projects in the Mexicali, Sonora, B.C. Mexico area. 1000 plus hungry Indian children, who live in these barrios and projects benefit and are helped. Hot meals are a vital lifeline to these disadvantaged Indian boys and girls.

In the Los Coronitas area of Mexicali, AICF has opened a safe children's home. The new children's home will be able to accommodate up to 150 orphan and homeless Children. At present we now have 17 children in the home. Below is the photos from start to completion. We are still in the process of upgrading the facilities. The children in the home receive love and care 24/7. The children that are in the home are attending school and receiving an education.




Equipping The Harvest Ministries.........with Alan Franklin

We work with Alan Franklin to hand out rice to needy families, and also give toys and other supplies.

Many hungry Indian children live in these projects in Mexico.  It is a very needy area, as you can see.  

While we were there, our workers put on a puppet show for the children, who were enthralled by the captivating creatures in the story.  Although some people are surprised that we help the Indians outside the United States, we believe it is our duty, as well as our great privilege to help our Indian friends wherever they live in North America.  Teaching good values to children through a puppet show is very effective as well as enjoyable.

Founder & President, Blessed Cloud, gives t-shirts to two young friends in Mexico who wear them proudly.

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