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Panama: Central America

School supplies including backpacks were given to 150 students.  Many children are unable to attend school because of the lack of uniforms and supplies.  Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Gruver's trips to San Blas are quite successful; they encountered no major problems and perform surgeries while there.  There is a new feeding center, plus a "food pantry" in Panama City for the Kuna families who move to Panama City so their kids can go to high school.

These children are happy to receive a new backpack.

Lots of children are able to go to school because of the donated backpacks and supplies.

Children receiving food.


The History of the Kunas. . . 

    The Kuna Indians inhabit the San Blas Islands, an archipelago of some 360 tiny coral islands off the Atlantic coast of Panama.  The islands have no natural water supply so only the 70 islands near a mainland river are inhabited.  Ailigandi, the central islands, is eight acres and has a population of 2,000.
    Columbus discovered the San Blas Islands, and the Spanish who followed enslaved and starved the Kunas, decimating them.  In defense, the Indians moved onto the islands and closed their borders to all outsiders, preserving their culture.
    Primarily because of nutrition, they are the smallest people in the world next to the pygmies.  They are an attractive, friendly, gentle people much given to laughter and vivacious talking.
    Traditionally, the men fish and grow jungle gardens.  But the area has been over-fished and can no longer support the population.  Their money crops are coconuts and molas.

And so the ministry of American Indian Children's Fund extends into Panama. . . 

We have assisted with Dr. Gruver with providing dried food to needy children in Panama for the Kunas Indians.  There are many hungry children here who need this vital food.  Diabetes, sickness and disease are present in these projects, and our support helps these children to receive the attention they need.



As you can see, children line up every day for a meal and we are able to provide them with food and drink to bless their lives!  Our soup packages arrived in Ailigandi.  Indira, Venancio's wife, gave a party to try out the new food.  The kids loved it!



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