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The following are testimonies from people that have supported our projects and how the joy they found in helping needy children.


". . . I have been in the Navy over 18 years and have given to the CFC every year.  This is the first time I have received a letter from an organization letting me know they received my donation.  It makes me feel good to know that I might make a difference in a children's life or the life of their family.  It breaks my heart to think that such a strong, proud people have been forced to live in this manner.  I am very glad I chose you . . . I am happy I can help."

                     Sincerely,  MB




". . .I made a trip to Ailigandi, Achutupu and Mamitupu from June 1 to June 9.  I am an optometrist and took with me 1500 pairs of donated eye glasses.  A local lab and I made 1200 used and 300 new reading glasses.  We gave out all the reading glasses and had about 400 lenses left.  I had to stop seeing patients because I ran out of eye glasses.  I was with a group of 49 other evangelicals . . ."

                                Sincerely,  Dr. MG 


Together, you and I can bring food and clothes to needy children and help them in a special way.  They will have smiling faces like these children who have been helped already.

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